What’s a paranoid child to do during COVID-19?

Steps to a COVID-19 vitals monitoring MVP:

  1. I used to be a product manager, and in studying Design Thinking I learned the very first question (after validating the problem being worth solving) to ask is: what is the bare minimum amount of effort I need to do to validate if this idea is worth pursuing? So I sketched up a design:
  • Painfully simple to set up for my parents
  • Easily view and add multiple people and metrics from within one view
  • Easily add alerts based on predefined thresholds
  • Set it and forget it, passive monitoring

Here’s how it works today:

  • User receives an email invite, creates an account and syncs their wearable
  • They are then instructed to go into the “viewers” page, where they invite someone to monitor their health
  • Admin then receives the invite, clicks the unique link and it gets added to their dashboard
  • Admin then selects metrics to “monitor” and adds alerts based on predefined thresholds they set. For example: “alert me when user’s oura sleep breath average goes below 15”

Here’s the live version: https://meports.com

  • All sensitive, identifying data is encrypted on the client-side then sent over TLS/SSL and stored in MongoDB, and again encrypted at rest. NoSQL was the obvious choice since all the wearable APIs return JSON in different structures, and I need to be able to handle it evolving.
  • The application tier is built on top of AWS’s ElasticBeanStalk on a Flask backend. I tried to make as much render server-side as possible.
  • An AWS SQS worker is polling a secure REST endpoint (which requires a key and only a certain source IP) every 10 mins for new data, storing it then checking it against existing alerts
  • Alerts are then sent via Twilio’s email services API to the admin’s email when triggered
  • All session information is encrypted into a JWT, stored client side.

Product Manager, Software Engineer, Problem Solver https://ethansteininger.com

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Ethan Steininger

Ethan Steininger

Product Manager, Software Engineer, Problem Solver https://ethansteininger.com

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