Strategies to maximize your flow state

Mental Preparation

Finding Passion in the Work

Cut off Outside Noise

Diet, Supplements and Exercise

  1. Buy the smallest amount at a store to test it out (samples are perfect for this) or ask a friend who might have some to try it
  2. Determine its’ effectiveness and nutritional/beneficial claims anecdotally. Which I broach the surface of in my Framework for Self Experimentation article.
  • Podcasts: Dr Rhonda Patrick’s Found My Fitness is incredibly valuable although it can often be overwhelming because she is an intense scientist, she introduced me to several foods that I’ve introduced into my own diet: Bone Broth, Broccoli Sprouts, Kimchi and Kombucha. All of which I make myself because they passed that step 1 test and are super simple to DIY.
  • Articles: Dave Asprey’s Bullet Proof and Tim Ferriss’ blogs were actually my own primers into self experimentation. They both go into great detail on new supplements, nootropics, and diets. Of the pieces they’ve introduced, some have passed that step 1 test including: Probiotic Tablets, Butter Coffee (with KerryGold… mmm) and various exercise routines like HIIT, 5x5, and Intermittent Fasting.
  • Forums: Quantified Self, and /r/Nootropic Surveys are both extremely fringe but gradually becoming more mainstream sources of information. I have yet to take the plunge into some of the Nootropics and Quantified Self supplements but I’m increasingly curious about Phenibut, Kava, and L-Theanine (mixed with Caffeine). A successful startup founder, Serge reviews his own experimental Nootropics in a super detailed article .

Analyze Trends

Meports daily goals module
Meports daily reflections module, question one: how are you feeling?

“Pain + Reflection = Progress” — Ray Dalio, author of Principles and founder of Bridgewater Associates

“When there is an opportunity, I do not hit. It hits all by itself.” — Bruce Lee




Product Manager, Software Engineer, Problem Solver

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Ethan Steininger

Ethan Steininger

Product Manager, Software Engineer, Problem Solver

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