Python 3.5, Flask, Apache2, Mod_WSGI3 on Ubuntu 16.04

Writing this because I’ve conducted an installation of Flask, Python 3.x, WSGI and Apache2 on an Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial machine so many times that I figured I’d create a step-by-step to codify it at least for my own struggles.

  1. Apache:

2. Python 3.x:

Python 3.5 is installed on 16.04 by default, verify it by typing:

If you still want to upgrade to > 3.5:

Then we will make your python version default:

3. Mod_WSGI:

4. PIP3:

5. VirtualEnv:

6. WSGI File:

7. VirtualHost:

8. Git

9. SSL

Now pray



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