Let your role models guide you and your curiosity drive you.

In the middle of the convergence between two edges of life (Mojave & Colorado deserts), sits an incredibly diverse landscape which supports the most bizarre life forms. This massive variety of shapes and colors makes it unique on a global scale.

Joshua Tree is a forum of introspection for those that look within. It encourages new realizations for each wiling participant.

This time last year was my first visit, which concluded with the realization of how important role models are. Podcast hosts, authors, intellectuals, athletes, parents, mentors, you name it they’re a role model and it’s up to you to consciously (or subconsciously) select which characteristics of each of them to embed into your own being.

This visit was interestingly the inverse. As I solo-tripped across the country, I forged my own path. Each stop lending to new discoveries and first time experiences, which just like any form of travel, has shaped my personality and lens of the world.

Role models may have guided how I got here, but direction was always dictated by “what seems most interesting”. The courage to wander off trail (as is encouraged in Joshua Tree) perfectly represents this manifestation in life:

Let your role models guide you and your curiosity drive you.