Here’s what happened when I journaled everyday for two weeks

So I’ve been super into self experiments lately and have compiled a list of different things I’d like to try out for two week “trial” periods. Next up in my experiment to do list was daily morning journaling.

Like many of my newly introduced habits, strategies, etc. with life, I drew this experiment from Tim Ferriss, Marcus Aurelius and Stoicism in general.

Some people have structures to their daily journals and others just use it as a therapy tool. I wanted to converge these two approaches.


Ben Franklin’s daily schedule

My daily journal ritual draws inspiration from Mr Franklin’s in the sense that it embodies the day’s intent (“What good shall I do this day?”) and a reflection of the previous day (“What good have I done?”).

These two sections are the breakdown of my daily mourning journaling but within them is the embodiment of entropy: a stream of consciousness.

Every morning I write literally everything that comes to my head with respect to today’s intent and yesterday’s reflection.

What’s the value?

It’s a challenge, but it’s simply a muscle that requires constant flexing to build and become more useful.

You’re probably self conscious or worried someone will judge you. But there is never an intent that these journals will see the light of day. I’ve even built a daily journal feature on Meports that houses everything in an encrypted database because I’m that concerned with anybody seeing these.

Having said this, let loose. Don’t have any inhibitions in these writings. Nobody will see these, you have nothing to lose. It could be a tool for cognitive offloading, self analysis or even therapy. One things for sure, that it’s worth the experiment.

How’d it help me?

But it also helped me document my aspirations. I’ve got some pretty ambitious goals. And journaling has helped me retain that north star amongst the chaos and impediments of life.

Would love to hear anybody else’s approach with journaling

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Product Manager, Software Engineer, Problem Solver

Product Manager, Software Engineer, Problem Solver