• Justin Lawler

    Justin Lawler

    Self-Quantifier, tech-lover and biohacker. Organiser of Dublin Quantified Self. Developer. More at http://justinlawler.net

  • Praveen Kumar

    Praveen Kumar

  • MangoBlogger


    Creator of SEOMango and Employee Onboarding App. Easy to use tools to automate business processes. Check us out at www.mangoblogger.com

  • Marc Guirand

    Marc Guirand

    Founder & Tech-enabled services entrepreneur at @deriskvc ... I also help early stage founders as a Fractional COO

  • dennis elder

    dennis elder

    OCR Junkie, World’s Toughest Mudder 3x, Going for #4 and 75! Chief of Software Development at PayGround.com : Making Healthcare Payments Easy. Go Seahawks!

  • Carl Rotter

    Carl Rotter

  • Robert Ehteshamzadeh

    Robert Ehteshamzadeh

  • Duffy Walsh

    Duffy Walsh

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