I’m paranoid. Not just of my own health, but of my parents’.

My mother has asthma, and my father, hypertension. These aren’t the most severe vulnerabilities and are quite common in the US, but still enough to make me worried about their health. To add, I’m a fair distance away from them, so checking in periodically isn’t quite feasible. I call them every day, but sometimes COVID-19 symptoms can be subtle, that is until it’s too late.

Luckily, I was able to convince them back in 2018 to buy into the wearable trend and they both were hooked, tracking their steps and sleep with each new day. This is exciting because my folks’ wearables were being used in studies for monitoring influenza-like symptoms [1], similar to how COVID-19 presents itself in the body. Their wearables even track all three of the metrics referenced in the study: body temperature, respiratory rate, and resting heart rate.


Ethan Steininger

Product Manager, Software Engineer, Problem Solver https://ethansteininger.com

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