Wilderness backpacking is all about survival. You bring all the resources you need for a multi-day adventure on your back. From food and water to shelter and comfort, it all comes down to what you’ve packed. …

I’m paranoid. Not just of my own health, but of my parents’.

My mother has asthma, and my father, hypertension. These aren’t the most severe vulnerabilities and are quite common in the US, but still enough to make me worried about their health. To add, I’m a fair distance away…

Many successful platforms are simply abstractions of more complicated services. Think about how many SaaS products are just layers on top of API’s by Twilio, Spotify, Yahoo Finance, etc. …

Writing this because I’ve conducted an installation of Flask, Python 3.x, WSGI and Apache2 on an Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial machine so many times that I figured I’d create a step-by-step to codify it at least for my own struggles.

  1. Apache:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install apache2

2. Python 3.x:

“Suppression of inflammation is the most important driver of longevity” — https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4634197/

We’re always pursuing new ways of improving quality of life and I’d love to share with you some of our findings and advice to take advantage of this research.

The latest feature of our research at Meports, is…

It’s 3pm and you just realized you haven’t eaten lunch. You’re so engrossed in whatever you’re doing (be it reading, programming or writing) that you forget about your basic human needs. By the time you realize this, you think: “damn, that was a good session”.

This focus-induced tunnel vision is…

Wait… what? Why would I want to fail?

There are an endless number of quotes, motivational sayings, videos, etc that preach how failure is the path to success, you just have to get back up and learn, yadda yadda yadda.

Cartoons always have the most quotable sayings (Jake the Dog — Adventure Time)

Most of us are familiar with the phrase “fail fast”…

By now I’m sure you’re familiar with Lean Development and how to apply that same iterative process to anything, including your own life. But something I’ve always struggled with is leveraging these lean methodologies to produce tangible, data-driven results.

Lean development preaches early feedback, accelerated learning, and MVP production, but…

I’ve built businesses and failed.

I wanted to build a business to make healthcare more transparent. Two years into development, I figured it was too difficult for two college students to tackle.

I wanted to make it incredibly simple for social media influencers to design and sell their own products…

So I’ve been super into self experiments lately and have compiled a list of different things I’d like to try out for two week “trial” periods. Next up in my experiment to do list was daily morning journaling.

Like many of my newly introduced habits, strategies, etc. with life, I…

Ethan Steininger

Product Manager, Software Engineer, Problem Solver https://ethansteininger.com

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